Clothing, Housing, Mobility
Limited natural resources

1. The enemies of Natural/Market Economy with Correctional function are collusion, manipulation, and speculation (by non-group or group) which are illegal/crimes. These are a kind of serious criminal offences. Think the harmness of the offences.

2. Saving natural resources.
[Manufacturers which produce trash wares (being out-of-order in not much use or hurting body), especially using limited natural resources, should be eliminated. These are harmful to the society also. How will you think if some of the trash wares, especially hurting body, have been made and distributed intentionally, to America ? The distributors which deal with the manufacturers seem to force their customers to buy the trash wares by eliminating good wares. This can be big problem in the near future as/if it proceeds further in success.]

3. Excess population for manufactural industries can be put into service industries. (Increasing care givers for health fighters is a good example for it.) Isn't it just personal matter ? What will be the ideal industrial structure ? In immediate thinking, it can be the structure within that neccessaries of the members of the society are provided sufficiently/abundantly, smoothly or well, stably, and affordably to them in the mode of saving natural resources.

4. Peripheral economy often goes to be harmful to main economy. They should know what is the main and peripheral relation.

5. For healthy growing economy for better life the society needs wise, at least sincere, public workers.

6. Always the serious problems for the society were/are those caused by the serious criminal offence individuals / groups.

7. Case by case government foreign policy which is 'fraud to fraud', 'illegal to illegal', 'unjust to unjust', and 'not-right to not-right' policy has the nature of self-defence.

8. Significant number of nations ristrict outflow of wealth by law/regulations and in various ways while pursue inflow of wealth even organically. It is also serious criminal offence. They invade the Natural/Market economy through the weak part(s) of correctional function set to get wealth. The peoples in walking the right way in the Natural/Market economy have gotten harm from the offence groups.

9. It is neccessary that protecting the naturally raised companies from nationally organized companies and societically organized companies. The organized companies are illegal on competition.

10. It is neccessary that the products made by the people that have nationally cultured exclusive purchasing behavior should be banned to be imported.

11. It is neccessary that not allowing to own land to the people of the nations on the economic structure of not allowing to own land.

12. Women, the nature of money in life is naturally formed but not formed artificially. From admitting to promoting mammonism is not well. The valuable thing is rightness. Right wealth has value to pursue but not-right wealth is subject to be pointed at with scorn. Not-right wealth proceeds further to do not-right things, for example devastating good things.

13. I wonder why the U.S. government has not reformed the currency. So many counterfeit U.S. currency has found so far. It can be the main and fountainhead cause of sick level of outflow of the wealth of America. The U.S. government should REFORM the currency (if not the economy can go to be paralized), at least $100 bills, to protect the people.
I wonder why they don't like it and who fears it ?
Some of them (included FRB) have gotten and used the counterfeit currency much knowingly ?
The counterfeiters and its cooperators must be shattered thoroughly and immediately. What should the U.S. government do if 1/3 to 1/2 of U$100 bills in banks, concentrated in banks in Asia, are counterfeit bills ? It is devastating ! The garbages have tried to devastate America.